Understanding Media Information


First let us all discuss what are the key words of understanding Media Information :

Media (the singular form of which is medium) is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. It is either associated with communication media, or the specialized mass media communication businesses such as: print media and the press, photography, advertising, cinema, broadcasting(radio and television) and publishing.


Information (shortened as info) is that which informs. In other words, it is the answer to a question of some kind. It is also related to data and knowledge, as data represents values attributed to parameters, and knowledge signifies understanding of real things or abstract concepts.[1] As it regards data, the information’s existence is not necessarily coupled to an observer (it exists beyond an event horizon, for example), while in the case of knowledge, the information requires a cognitive observer.

At its most fundamental, information is any propagation of cause and effect within a system. Information is conveyed either as the content of a message or through direct or indirect observation of some thing. That which is perceived can be construed as a message in its own right, and in that sense, information is always conveyed as the content of a message.


Literacy is traditionally understood as the ability to read, write, and use arithmetic. The modern term’s meaning has been expanded to include the ability to use language, numbers, images, computers, and other basic means to understand, communicate, gain useful knowledge and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture. The concept of literacy is expanding in OECD countries to include skills to access knowledge through technology and ability to assess complex contexts.


Simple Definition of source

  • : someone or something that provides what is wanted or needed

  • : the cause of something (such as a problem)

  • : a person, book, etc., that gives information

We understand media information :

first, Media is just any medium that will disseminate information in a large number of audience.

Second, Media is all around us. and it is very important to us because it helps  to be more literate to know ideas and share information in no time. With the help of media it makes the task to be easier  and to comprehend.

Third, information is not just all about answering a certain question but information is very crucial to us individual to discover or to explore more thing in real life and it really do update us to what are the currents events in our community.

Fourth, being media and information literate is a good thing that an individual to possessed. With the help of this qualification we may now be able to see analyze and create meaning of a particular thing that would have a positive or either negative effects on us human being physically, socially and other aspects in life.

Lastly, Since we are now all living in a technological era where this period of time are inclined and full of innovation and changes that would develop us and the environment we are now stepping on.


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