3d Environment


What is a 3D environment?
Starting from absolutely nothing, a 3D environment allows you to create objects in a 3 dimensional space.
From an idea in your head, you can
  • make models
  • animate them,
  • give them a surface,
  • and render them

All in one seamless environment.

What would it be used for?
It is widely used by animators and designers for the film, games, broadcast, web and advertising industries as well as by engineers and architects to visualize their products, packaging, and architectural designs.
Building your ideas in 3D
  Using a 3D software package, you can create a simulation of our physical environment by building models, animating them, giving them a surface definition, and creating an atmosphere. You can then render the whole thing and export it to different medium when you’re done.
  • download
  • 3D Interactive environments are often referred to as virtual reality or interactive 3D and have a figurative appearance. Much like our own world, this type of world allows interaction with other (networked) beings as well as manipulation of objects (Loeffler & Andersen 1994). They are a kind of virtual habitat.

See also: virtual environment (overview of various virtual environments), Web 3D technology (overview of web 3D technologies), 3D modeling (overview of modeling tools), 3D file format (overview of file formats). For education, a good standardized web format is X3D

3D interactive environments became relatively popular by the end of last century. From its start, some educators and educational researchers have been investigating these spaces. However, the “killing application” are shared computer games, in particular MMORPGs.

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Desk-top virtual reality refers to computer programs that simulate a real or imaginary world in 3D format that is displayed on screen.

images-2 images-3

  • “ An artificial reality that projects you into a 3D space generated by the computer. A virtual reality system uses stereoscopic goggles that provide the 3D imagery and some sort of tracking device, which may be the goggles themselves for tracking head and body movement, or a “data glove” that tracks hand movements. The glove lets you point to and manipulate computer-generated objects displayed on tiny monitors inside the goggles. Virtual reality (VR) can be used to create an illusion of reality or imagined reality and is used both for amusement as well as serious training. Flight simulators for training airplane pilots and astronauts were the first form of this technology, which provided a very realistic and very expensive simulation.”

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